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→ Anyone want nail polish for a penny?

Click the link and go to the julep site. From there, enter your information and use the code color2012! If you want more information just ask me:)

I’ve decided the Olympics is modern days version of the hunger games.

Sitting in school and a client tells me she lives in pine island. Out of habit I say oh my ex and and his friends lived there. Her response? “yeah, the ones who were in that shitty band? I know who you are, I saw you at his house.” The fuck is this fuckery

It’s kinda nice having a count down until my wedding on my phone. 284 days, by the wayy

"so we’re freaks" "as long as we aren’t alone"
“Eat fresh damnit!”
“How long do bite marks last?” “i dunno why don’t you ask my fucking chest”

I adore my best friend. End of story.

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